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Bread baking demo

Last night the Dragon's Laire baronial Culinary Guild held a class/demo on bread making and baking in cloches (a period technique) on a brazier. Much fun was had by all, and much yummy bread was consumed. Thanks to THL Mattuesz and THL Rycheza for hosting, Lord Yvonn for photography, and to HE Cedric and THL Kassandra for assisting me in tending the fire and handling the cloches. Lady Margret and Heidi both made loaves of bread under the instruction of THL Rycheza.

Cloches warming in the brazier.

Bread rising on the counter.

HE Cedric (in the gloves) assists THL Kassandra in mounding the coals over the loaded cloches. (The bread is underneath them, and will be baked by the heat of the preheated metal underneath and the heat from the coals mounded around the cloches.)

After the bread has baked, HE Cedric lifts the (very hot!) cloche off of Lady Margaret's loaf of barley bread.

Two fresh loaves! Lady Margret's barley loaf on the left, Heidi's wheat loaf on the right. (The burned bits are normal, and easily scraped off leaving the loaf quite edible.)

After baking, we check the interior of the loaf for quality. We also checked it for taste... but Lord Yvvon decided to forgo photography for stuffing his face (excuse me "helping to test the taste and quality of the bread") during that part, so no pictures.


That's awesome! I just got the go-ahead to build a wood fired bread oven at the Randal site. They'll pick where it will be located of course (i.e. not in the middle of the war field) but as soon as I've got more energy and time I'm going to start looking for plans.

We have to provide all the labor and supplies, but having a period bread oven on site will actually give me more reason to want to go there.
brighidross linked me to your LJ. I have a huge interest in bread and have a cloche.

Unfortunately, I am not local to you *pouts*

I love how the bottom of your bread isn't burned. My brazier does not have a flat bottom so I use bricks to even out my cloche and have a floor as well. I put coals underneath the floor - well now I'll have to try to not do that!

I'm experimenting with flour - trying to get soft white wheat to work. I haven't baked this year thus far being busy on my fiber stuff but there should be some experimentation in my LJ later on this year.

Well met!
We've baked on bricks in the past when using a 'brazier' we sometimes borrow that has a thin bottom, and it works just fine. Just build your fire on top of the bricks, and plop your bread down once they're heated. We don't even use any fancy brick - just common brick (smooth surfaced) from the hardware store.

Dang, the Baronial website is down at the moment, but I think there are some pictures of us working on bricks there.

Welcome to my little corner of the web!
Good idea on the bricks - makes total sense. Thank you!