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Ok... I'm back, is this thing on?

OK, I'm officially back to reading LJ. I stopped in the madness leading up to and after June Faire, didn't have time to catch up for a few days... and then the backlog dissuaded me from catching up, and on and on in a vicious circle.

But I found that I missed LJ, and resolved to simply start over without worrying about the backlog.

Is this thing on? Anyone else still here?


I was actually thinking about you the other day... wondering how you were gettin' on and the like. Then I saw your FB friend request this morning and was glad to see you're still around :) Welcome back.

Most of the gory details can be found in my FB feed. :)
There seems to be a renewed vigor in this forum. The face-paced and hectic Facebook craze is a good place for minute-by-minute, but for a journal, we've returned.
Yah. I need to find a balance between the two.
uhm, I have a benign brain tumor, but life goes on...

This is one of thing I'm going to have to tiptoe around... I don't know anything about a lot of people's lives over the last six months.
we still have them... grin. I am after all dealing with the VAMC, so .. slowly..
I am still here.
Cool! :)
Nice! :)
Yay! Glad yer back!
Still here! Glad to see you back!

(And I did see your news, congrats!)