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New cage

The new cage for the guinea pigs came in yesterday, so I headed off to Silverdale to the get the parts that didn't come mail order. (The existing isolation* cage is sized for one adult piggie, it isn't quite big enough for two active tweens.) I needed new plywood for the base, and it took sorting through three stacks at Lowes to find a sheet flat enough. The plywood we get nowadays is *such* crap, I don't trust this piece to not go all potato chip shaped in a month or two now that it's not under the weight of other sheets. (The cage and piggies together only weigh maybe four or five pounds.) If that happens, I'll have to add a frame which isn't all that difficult, just annoying as hell. OTOH, I did kinda shoot myself in the foot... I usually prefer Lowes, but Home Despot generally has better wood. (Better being relative, mostly meaning 'less crappy' in this instance.)

When we're ready to move all the pigs in together, the old isolation cage will be cannibalized to extend the main cage.

* New piggies live in a separate room for a month to ensure they aren't bringing any diseases or parasites with them. The babies need a special diet for the next two months as well.