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You can't always get what you want - but what needs you can always find you.

Thanks everyone for your kind words regarding little Sarah last week...

Brenda and I were talking after her passing, and we think that the best way to deal with the loss of a little friend is to fill that hole with another. There's so many piggies out there in need of a good home, it's selfish to just think of the past and what might-have-been.

So, we started looking on Petfinder, looking for a single girl to join Rose and Molly and we found a baby over in Seattle. (Single pigs can be hard to find sometimes, as knowledgeable folks know they need to be paired up for companionship. We thought ourselves lucky to find one so fast.) So, Saturday we drove over to Belluve to meet her - only to be disappointed. She was actually a he that had been misidentified in the Humane Society's paperwork. And he was such a friendly and happy little boy, we were heartbroken... But two cages indefinitely is more work than we want to take on, and grossly unfair to saddle our pigsitters with.

Then the adoption counselor pointed out that he had two sisters available that we not (currently) listed on Petfinder. We were hesitant at first, because adding two piggies will mean additional expense in expanding our existing cage. But the more we thought about it, adopting them both started to sound like a better and better idea. Babies need special diets, and so a single one would be housed alone for over three months. A bonded pair on the other hand could keep each other company... so, before we knew it we were agreeing to adopt both little girls.

 photo Twopiggies.jpg

Meet Abigail ("Abby", nearest the camera) and Emma, the two newest members of our menagerie.


from this angle, it looks like Emma has a racing stripe.