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Farewell little Sarah.

We unexpectedly lost little Sarah this morning....

We took her to the vet Thursday for a followup and a physical to get ready for a minor procedure. She had to be anesthetized for a blood draw, and never seemed to recover afterwards. She ate and drank very little from Friday onwards, and we started hand feeding her yesterday. Her breathing seemed a little labored last night, and worse this morning so we took her in for an emergency appointment at the vet's. They took her straight to the ICU, and she passed quietly while the vet was examining her.

Farewell skittish little Sarah, where you've gone there is truly nothing to be afraid of anymore.


We're sorry to hear that you lost little Sarah. We know she much loved, and will be missed.
so sorry to hear of your loss.
Aw. I'm so sorry. *hug*
I'm sorry :(
I am so sorry. My condolences.