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Fourth of July re-cap

The 4th actually started on the 3rd for me... at 9pm I lit the Egg, and at 10pm I loaded it with 14 pounds of pork butts, then started six long hours of monitoring and adjusting it to reach and keep a stable 250 degrees. (I should have skipped fighter practice/social and lit it about 8pm and dialed it in before loading, lesson learned.) I went to bed at 4am.

My buddy Chuck came over and spent the night, and he got up at 6am to take over. He ended up getting me up about 8am because of some slight hitches, and I ended up alternately napping and helping with the adjustments. (He's not as experienced with the Egg as I am, and this was the first really long cook on the Egg for both of us, though we've done them in my smoker before.) We pulled the pork at noon at 200 degrees internal and set it to rest.

Brenna came over and helped with some of the final cooking and preps, and the Jane and her daughters showed up and we sat down to an awesome 4th of July dinner. Lexington Style pulled pork, BBQ slaw, potato salad, roast corn, and deviled eggs. Should have been baked beans, but they got forgot and left in the oven, and the green salad got left in the fridge... We sat out in the backyard and ate till we were ready to burst, and then got out the pies and ice cream Brenna and Jane had brought for dessert and ate some more.

Good friends, good food, good conversation, good weather (a miracle considering the Junuary we've had so far...), who could ask for anything more?


Sounds like an awesome 4th. I allowed myself to eat until I thought I would burst, then was threatened that if I didn't eat more, I'd be killed and buried in the backyard. Fun times!
Other than being dead dog tired (from the late night and a visit from the insomnia fairy a couple of nights before) and thus being unable to go out and take some fireworks shots, it was indeed awesome.
Wow, sounds like a real Carolina feast! J brings BBQ from Lexington once in a while if he is up around that way for business. So impressed with your Egg skills! :)
If I can't get to Carolina, I'll bring Carolina to me. :)